For the past 30 plus years, Phillip Brown has been a student of the sax -- and he says he's still learning
Following in the footsteps of his uncle, New Mexico music legend Freddie Brown, his dad, songwriter & composer Robert Brown, and a host of other well-known perfoming musicians such as Eva Torrez, Sam Torrez, Benny "BT" Torrez, and Richard Torrez  ... each has made an impact on Phillips' style of play.  But he credits it all to where it originally started, with his grandpa, Ben Torrez, of Chilili, New Mexico.  As you can see Phillip was born into a very musical family and finds himself proudly carrying on the Brown & Torrez family tradition.  Along with cousins Bo Brown & Adam "AB" Brown, and his bother Stephen Brown ... they are all musicians now carrying the family torch.

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